WowDesk Systems


Founded in Egypt, WowDesk Systems quickly became one of the region’s preeminent helpdesk software providers, catering to SaaS companies hoping to streamline their customer support workflows. As the company aimed to expand their market beyond the Middle East, they knew that an optimized digital campaign would be essential.


As one of the first companies to enter the helpdesk software space in the Middle East, WowDesk Systems was able to rely on strong brand recognition to build a large and loyal customer base without a large emphasis on marketing.

However, as the company looked to expand into North American markets, they knew that in addition to being a new face, they also faced the disadvantage of being late to the game—industry giants such as Zendesk and Freshdesk had already leveraged their immense brand equity to capture approximately three-quarters of the sector’s total market share.

Confident in their product, however, WowDesk Systems reached out to Kobe Digital with the goal of creating a comprehensive online presence in the United States

Despite being a popular choice for SaaS companies based in the Middle East, WowDesk Systems would be a new face in the North American market, and their new re-branding efforts would require not only a new website, but also a complete digital strategy to generate leads for its sales team.


Coming off of a new, re-branded look to improve its appeal to American customers, WowDesk Systems required a new website to act as an anchor for the upcoming marketing campaign.

Though a time-consuming and resource-intensive process, the opportunity to build the company’s website from scratch allowed our SEO experts to work alongside our web design & development team at every stage of the process to maximize the website’s compatibility with search engines.

Knowing that it would be nearly impossible to compete with established players in the space such as Zendesk and Freshdesk for high volume keywords, the campaign was designed from the outset to emphasize a wide variety of long-tail keywords.

To facilitate this approach, individual pages were created for each group of long-tail keywords, allowing the website to achieve high keyword density for specific phrases in a natural, value added way.

By combining an emphasis on long-tail keywords with our standard process of meticulous on-page optimization and quality-focused link building, Kobe Digital’s SEO experts successfully created a strong organic search foundation for the new WowDesk Systems website right out of the gate.


Even when taking a long-tail approach to optimizing a website for organic search rankings, SEO campaigns are still best suited for long-term results. WowDesk Systems needed a way to generate immediate leads for its sales team in the interim. However, company management remained apprehensive when it came to paid search campaigns, worried that large, deep-pocketed competitors such as Zendesk and Freshdesk would be able to outbid them at every turn.

While these companies’ large AdWords budgets were certainly daunting—each spend tens of thousands of dollars every month on their respective paid search campaigns—Kobe Digital’s Quality Score-driven approach would allow WowDesk Systems to remain competitive, despite the company’s limited paid search budget.

AdWords campaigns whose constituent ads have a sufficiently high Quality Score allow advertisers to achieve the same—and in some cases higher—visibility as competitors, all while bidding lower on a per-click basis. By creating thoughtfully designed landing pages, carefully organizing ad groups to maximize each ad’s relevance, and closely monitoring click-through rates, our paid search team was able to deliver a campaign that offered WowDesk Systems strong search engine visibility while keeping customer acquisition costs at an affordable level.


With the desired new business leads targeted and the email campaign created, we were ready to launch the campaign — but the real work was only beginning. Set-it-and-forget-it campaigns lead to forgettable results. All campaigns — regardless of how well-designed they may be — require diligent, ongoing optimization to truly maximize return on investment for clients.

The programmatic advertising campaign used algorithms to optimize performance in real-time, analyzing performance data to make on-the-fly adjustments to day parting preferences, frequency caps, contextual targeting settings, and site placements.

The optimization process for the email marketing was considerably more manual in nature, requiring the analysis of various campaign KPIs after each week’s newsletter blast and making the appropriate adjustments to the subsequent week’s campaign. Optimization techniques involved A/B testing various subject line styles, send times, and call-to-action placements until we were able to determine the balance of these factors that resulted in the outcome American Paper & Provisions cared about the most: increased sales.