Kondition Studios


Kondition’s goal is to make you sweat. Their primary focus is the end-to-end implementation of gyms and fitness spaces for upmarket health clubs, large office campuses, and high-end home gyms.
Their service is all inclusive. Kondition designs the space and installs flooring, mirrors, equipment, and accessories while also offering repair services. That repair service gave Kobe Digital an idea for attracting the right kind of clientele.


When Kondition came to Kobe Digital, they didn’t have an established customer base. As a new business with a very specific offering, they were finding it hard to find customers.

It became quickly apparent that the usual avenues for attracting new customers were not going to be effective. Targeting people searching for “home gym equipment” would be a waste of advertising dollars as those casual online shoppers weren’t looking for the level of service and professional expertise that Kondition was ready to offer.

The challenge was finding a way to separate those who simply wanted a single piece of equipment from a more affluent potential client — one who would be interested in Kondition’s quality end-to-end home gym design and build service.

Specialized offerings in the Kondition business model meant they needed a way to find new clients without using traditional search-based methods. Kobe Digital discovered an untapped demographic with high conversion potential, then designed a creative strategy to generate those leads.


Kondition needed an entry point to the upscale home gym market. The usual approach would be to turn to social media targeting that considered factors such as fitness interest and higher income levels.

That strategy is certainly able to narrow the audience, and for most digital marketing companies, that’s where the strategy would end. But we knew it wasn’t going to be enough to generate real, qualified leads for a niche company like Kondition—social media targeting parameters simply didn’t make enough of a differentiation between the aspirational garage gym buyer and Kondition’s target customer.

In discussions with Kondition, Kobe Digital was soon able to zero in on an excellent indicator of a potential client: people who currently owned treadmills. Kondition was already operating a treadmill repair service and we soon discovered that owning a treadmill and paying to have it serviced was an excellent indicator of a qualified lead.


Since traditional digital targeting methods weren’t going to give Kondition what they wanted — new clientele for their home gym design and install services — we implemented an entirely new approach. The key to getting Kondition more home gym clients was to get their treadmill repair service as much exposure as possible. We started with an aggressive advertising campaign launched through paid search listings. Within three months, the campaign dramatically increased Kondition’s contact with repair clients.

This contact not only allowed Kondition to expand and earn revenue from an existing arm of their current business, it also gave the Kondition team an entry point, allowing them to quickly assess each client’s potential needs. Sales of their flooring installs, equipment upgrades, and even entire home gym redesigns increased impressively, with flooring installs alone gaining 51% over the previous year. It was a sales increase that wouldn’t have happened had we simply gone the most obvious route.


Now that the line of contact with high-converting leads had been established, we next needed a way to keep that avenue open and flowing. Since these new leads and clients were chiefly coming from the paid search campaign for their treadmill repair service, we decided our next move was to focus on maximizing Kondition’s paid search dollars.

We saw that the best way to do it was to increase Kondition’s Quality Score. As Google assigns Quality Scores to advertisers based largely on a measure of relevance, Kobe Digital was able to increase relevance by developing a custom landing page for the treadmill repair business.

The page was designed to be distinctly applicable to any paid search click-throughs, giving potential customers (and Google) an instant read on Kondition’s repair service. Once their Quality Score began to rise, their pay per click rate went down. Kondition was able to increase their paid search campaign, upping the number of leads they were getting, while keeping their ad budget exactly the same.