Diamond X Hollywood


When you picture a movie star getting ready for set, the mirror you picture them using is exactly the kind of mirror Diamond X Hollywood manufactures.
The UK-based company’s luxury vanity mirrors feature a border of dimmable LED lights along with other top-end features like Bluetooth connectivity and audio.


Despite having “Hollywood” in their name, the UK-based company didn’t have much experience selling to customers in the United States. Their track record in Europe was impressive and when they expanded into the US market, they tried using the same marketing agency that had served them in UK.

Unfortunately, they were meeting with little success. They needed an agency who understood the wants, needs, and habits of an American luxury consumer. They contacted Kobe Digital after hearing that we not only had experience connecting with high-end markets, but also demonstrated a proven track record of meeting their ultimate goal — driving website sales.

A UK company with a high-end specialty product needed a way to bring their offerings to a new audience in the United States. After trying to stick with their UK agency, they realized they needed an agency familiar with an American audience.


The benefits of Diamond X Hollywood mirrors are easy to see — literally. Their crystal clear, diamond cut mirrors and LED lighting schemes are exactly what professional performers and makeup artists use. But no one would be able to appreciate those benefits if they couldn’t see them. Our first goal was getting Diamond X Hollywood products seen by as many potential customers as possible.

By using shopping and search networks, we were able to gain significant visibility among people looking for high-end illuminated mirrors. But an initial encounter is one thing, we needed to lay the groundwork that would eventually result in a sale on Diamond X Hollywood’s website. Our next step was to focus our re-marketing efforts.


After a potential customer encountered a Diamond X Hollywood mirror in Google’s shopping network or through search, we then had an opportunity to deepen that encounter by exposing the consumer to a dynamic remarketing ad.

Imagine casually searching for a vanity mirror, coming across Diamond X Hollywood’s website via a search or shopping network advertisement, and then browsing a specific model, before moving onto another site.

A short time later, you see an eye-catching ad for the exact Diamond X Hollywood mirror you were browsing. In that targeted, perfectly timed moment, we were able to move a casual search one step closer to a sale.


These mirrors aren’t mass-market, big box items. They are luxury pieces that require consideration on the part of the customer. The purchase of high-end goods is often a long process. We understood that a short term marketing blast wasn’t going to result in increased sales. Potential customers might take a week or more to finally pull the trigger and order an item from Diamond X Hollywood.

By focusing our remarketing efforts and keeping them timed to sustain the influence, we were able to keep these vanity mirrors top-of-mind for potential buyers, increasing conversion rates by 28%.