CGear began as a military-facing company. Their portable Tactical Helimats allowed helicopters safe takeoffs and landings in sandy and dusty conditions.
In 2010 CGear reimagined their technology for the consumer market, making mats, bags, and sandals that let sand easily sift away, effectively keeping it out of the equation during a day at the beach.


While CGear had great success with their military applications, a desire to enter into the consumer market faced a number of challenges. Despite years of experience in design and development, and being in possession of differentiating technology, CGear were an entirely unknown company to the US consumer.

While a live demonstration of their sand-abating technologies made their product benefits clear, they didn’t have a way to translate that effectively to the digital world. When they enlisted Kobe Digital, we saw they needed a two-pronged strategy: to increase brand exposure while educating potential customers in on the advantages of CGear products.

A military applications company unknown to an American audience was ready to expand into the consumer market. They needed a way to leverage the unique advantages of their product — but first we had to increase overall brand awareness.


When a brand faces zero recognition among its audience, powerful ideas are needed. CGear was backed by the sand-abating technology that made them successful in military applications. They knew how to use that technology to make useful consumer-facing products and it was clear their sandals and beach mats solved legitimate needs. The right audience just needed to find their products.

Kobe Digital realized the first step to growing brand recognition was reaching that audience. To start, we zeroed in on a very specific demographic — people likely to head to the beach — by targeting users with an interest in water sports, as well as parents of young children living near lakes and oceans.

Now that we had an audience, the next step was creating the ads. The first set of creative focused on developing CGear brand recognition. Next, we set our sights on a way to visually convey the benefits of Cgear products through video. Finally, we offered special promotions to users who had engaged with the brand, enabling us to convert an targeted and interested audience into CGear customers — with a 52% quarter over quarter increase in sales.


No military contract is signed without a face-to-face, live demonstration of the technology. But online purchases of consumer goods — such as beach mats and sandals— is a completely different kind of transaction.

We needed a way to show potential customers just how effectively CGear’s technology worked, but through an entirely digital platform.

The answer was the development of creative videos that visually demonstrated CGear products. These videos would not only outline the unique selling points of CGear’s core offerings, they also capitalized on the visual nature of the online experience.

For the mats we came up with a way to visually show how sand sifted down through the material, trapping it beneath the mat and away from everything and everyone else.

A similar approach was applied to demonstrate the sand and water eliminating features of CGear’s Ventolation sandals. Once potential customers saw how the technology worked, CGear saw a positive return on ad spend after only two months.


The two pronged approach — carefully targeting the right demographics and creating engaging video content — was gaining traction, both with brand awareness and audience engagement. But we knew engagement could be even stronger.

By testing different combinations of written copy and video content on three platforms — YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook — we were able to determine which creative was working, and in which combination. After we determined what worked through split testing, we were able to focus our efforts.

We reinvested the CGear ad spend on the top performing videos, with the right copy, on the right platforms. The strategy worked and we were soon able to increase click through rates on CGear video ads by 28%.