A website design isn’t just about the layout and the pictures, it’s also about the function and accessibility when visitors come to your site. One of the most important tasks to take into consideration when building your website is your customers and who will be viewing your website.

A good start when it comes to your website design is to research and learn your customer’s needs. By knowing who your audience is and their expectation, you can begin to build an excellent foundation for your website. Understanding and always adjusting your website’s functionality and accessibility as it pertains to your viewers and consumers will make your business the top pick. The goal is to create a site for long-term success.

One of the major components to include in a web design is to encourage what is known as “calls to action” within your site. A “call to action” design is referred to as a CTA. The strategy of a CTA is to catch the user’s eye and grab their attention with the goal to have them follow through to another option on your website. The approach is usually?one of three options; 1) a simple and effective design, 2) instructions that are catchy, and 3) multiple CTAs?on one page. A stimulating great example of this is an animated button requesting the user to “Claim A Prize” or maybe an inviting form to fill out for a “FREE Sample.” These examples provide your visitors with the potential of something tangible and concrete. Understanding these user-friendly features are necessary tools for your website design.

Another way to cater to your customer base is to use a?unique?typography, a cool?font. You can use designer fonts which cater to your business model and enable a better communication with your customers. Use the same designs for your logo and you will create a unique typography?stamp making for an indelible impression on your viewers. Creating?a unique typography stamp makes a mark on?your brand’s?awareness and identity.

A great example of designing a site with customers in mind is our client – Incredible Veins. Our information showed potential customers searching for this service were older in age, particularly since most of the treatments were covered by Medicare. As a result, one of the changes our team suggested was larger text and a simpler site map. These are changes the users of this site could benefit from. Furthermore, a web form for booking consultations, a CTA, was placed in an easy line of sight creating a major page element. These changes led to 27 keywords rising to the first page ranking and increased organic search traffic by 55%, all due to a new and refreshed web design.

With all the above in mind, remember, even though your site ranks well, if your viewers and potential customers are having trouble navigating your site the ranking renders useless. Therefore, it is extremely important to put user experience first when creating your site design. These user friendly designs will prevent possible lost prospects and potentially increase your ROI and isn’t that the goal?

Director of Web Development
Amir’s diverse background includes extensive work in design and development. His tasks at Kobe Digital involve the oversight of our web team. On weekends Amir loves to go to the beach, and has a passion for volunteering.