PPC ads are powerful. They convert at rates that are 50 percent higher than organic traffic. However, you have got to write great ad copy to increase your results. Here are 9 key ways to improve your next ad copywriting session.


Knowing The Wants Of Your Target Market

One of the best ways to grab the attention of your target audience is showing them that you will fix their problems. Before you even start writing your ad copy, it is important to place yourself in the shoes of your most ideal customer.

What type of problems are they experiencing? Think about how they would go about searching for a solution. Now, create your ad copy so that it is a response to the needs and search habits of your customer.


Addressing Your Audience

It’s much more effective to speak directly to your audience by addressing them as “you” or “your” when writing your ads. This makes them feel important. It also creates a connection with your audience and shows that your business is personable.

By creating a helpful and friendly relationship right off the bat, you start out by putting your customer in the correct mindset.


Using Emotional Triggers

Boring, unmemorable ads are not going to receive as many clicks as ones that focus on the desires and core problems of your customers. This does take some brainstorming. However, understand your target market and it will not be too difficult.

Try using emotions that trigger the user to realize they have an issue they need to solve immediately. Your target market is more likely to want to find a solution for?what is bothering them.


Utilizing Numbers

Statistics and figures help grab people’s attention. If you want your ads to stand out, try incorporating a number or two.

Therefore, do this by using a number that advertises a sale or indicates the price of a product or service. Incorporate psychological pricing strategies to get the best results. Also, use a statistic about your business, such as, the number of satisfied clients that you have helped in the past.


Utilize All OF Your Space

Google Adwords allows you to have two 30-character headlines as well as an 80 character description. It’s important to maximize all of this — squeezing in an extra detail may make the difference of having the ad clicked or not.

Also, create a custom URL. It doesn’t have to match the exact URL that you are sending your visitors to. In fact, it’s best if you insert a few keywords so that your audience understands the type of pages they will be visiting.


Emphasize Your Strengths

Make a more intriguing ad by emphasizing the characteristics of your brand that set you apart from competitors. Take an inventory of your business and ask questions like the following:

  • What strength does your business have that is stronger than other businesses in your industry?
  • What characteristics are unique about your brand?
  • Has your company won any awards?
  • Are you currently running any special offers?

You have a limited amount of space to create a unique selling proposition. Therefore, create copy that entices your audience to want to learn more. If your business is operating in a few different locations, include a unique phone number for each area. 70 percent of mobile users will call a business after finding them in Google Search.


Utilize Calls To Action

Without any question, it’s imperative to include a strong call to action in your ad copy. Try to be creative by coming up with new action verbs that haven’t been used over and over again.

Strong verbs such as “Join,” “Build,” or “Save” is stronger than using something such as “Call now.” Remember, you want to instill a sense of urgency when it’s appropriate to do so.


Frequent Split Testing

By testing your PPC ads on a regular basis, identify areas that need improvements. By increasing the amount of data that you collect, the more you’ll understand what’s working.

  • To conduct split testing, try some of the following techniques:
  • Use different display URLs
  • Compare different calls to action
  • Highlight the different benefits of your service or product
  • Use different stats or numbers
  • Mix up the call to action and place it in a different location

Utilize the data that’s given after you’ve conducted split testing. It’s much more reliable than basing your ad copy off of intuition.


Writing Effective Ads

By focusing on your value proposition, using real urgency and emphasizing your strengths, your ads will start to get results that are positive for your ROI. Google Adwords campaigns can be profitable. The average business makes two dollars in revenue for every dollar that they spend on the Google Adwords platform.


It may take some practice and patience and a whole lot of testing, but if you are diligent and keep writing, you will flex and strengthen the muscle that helps you create great ad copy.

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Samir’s wall-street background lends itself well to the long hours and streneous tasks of managing our vast fulfillment team in order to garner amazing results and maintain the excellent work quality our clients have come to expect from Kobe Digital. His background in data analysis helps guide our philosophy in campaign optimization.