Despite all the changes in the social media landscape, Facebook is still the largest social media site with over 2 billion active users. What’s more, users tend to average eight Facebook visits per day. That sounds like great news but the problem is that many small businesses are still unsure about how to make Facebook work for them.

In a survey of over 4700 participants, only half of the small businesses found Facebook worth their time. Many local small businesses today have a Facebook presence in one form or another but a good number of them still are not seeing the results they expected from the platform. If you fall into that group or you’re still new to Facebook, here are six Facebook page strategies you can use to boost your marketing power on the platform.


1. Set Up the Right CTA Button

Facebook allows you to add a call to action button right below your cover photo. You want to use the CTA button that aligns with your goals. For example, if you’re looking generate leads, set up a Sign-Up button. If you’re looking to sell products on your Facebook business page, use the Shop Now button and lead users to your Facebook store. This allows you to sell more products since users don’t have to leave Facebook to make a purchase.

When in doubt, you can always go with the Learn More button. According to Facebook, the CTR button that performed the best was the Learn More button. However, the idea here is to use a CTA button that’s going to really help your business instead of simply defaulting to a Shop Now or Contact Us button like other businesses are doing.


2. Create Custom Tabs that Promote Your Business

Custom tabs are available once you hit 2000 fans for your Facebook business page. When you do have it available, you want to use it to set up tabs that help promote your business. For example, you may want to set up a page where you promote a free guide in return for users subscribing to your email list. You may want to set up a custom page that lists your YouTube videos to help it get more views and distribution.

You want to avoid using these tabs to create a fancy Facebook page. Focus on coming up with something that will add value to your business. Red Bull currently uses a custom tab to set up a jobs section and attract potential employees. Nutella uses theirs to list Nutella recipes that fans can try. How will you take advantage of custom tabs?


3. Use Pinned Posts to Highlight Promotions

If you have a promotional post you want all of your Facebook page visitors to see, you need to make sure that it doesn’t get pushed down by newer posts. In order to do this, you need to pin your post. Start by going to the post you want to pin. Then click on the three dots on the top right of the post. This will open a drop-down menu where you can click “Pin to Top of Page.”

Now your post will always appear at the top. If you want to remove it as your top post, you can simply unpin the post with the same drop-down menu. In one example, HubSpot pinned a post and left it there to increase engagement and build social proof. Think about what content or promotion you can pin to get similar results.


4. Build an Exclusive Facebook Group

A great way to attract your best customers is to create an exclusive Facebook Group. This is where you want to post exclusive content, give more attention to group members, and provide special privileges/rewards. A great way to promote your Facebook Group is to mention it in relevant conversations in other related but non-competing groups. You also want to sell the exclusivity of the group to disqualify people that are not serious about the topic and content.


5. Open a Community to Build User Generated Content

Once you create a Facebook Group, you’ll have access to the community page. This will allow other users to submit content on the community page. Many businesses find that this leads to a lot of user-generated content they can use in their marketing. You’ll also want to include posts of Facebook users that have mentioned you yourself. This will give them recognition and encourage future mentions.

Once you get the community page going, you’ll be surprised by all the user-generated content that gets submitted. Businesses see a wide range of posts including unsolicited testimonials, tutorials of your products/services being used, photos/videos of your products, and more. Want proof? You can see fans post recipes, memes, and funny videos on Nutella’s community page.


6. Ask Customer for Check-ins and Reviews

A good way to get build awareness for your local business to get customers to check-in. Instead of just asking, you want to reward customers for checking-in. The reward can be in a form of a discount, coupon, or giveaway. While many local businesses have used the check-in rewards strategy, a good number of them stop using it for whatever reason. You want to keep using this strategy going but rotate the rewards to keep things fresh and incentivize customers to check-in again on their next visit.

You also want to follow up with customers that have checked-in and ask them for a Facebook review if they’re satisfied with your business. Building Facebook reviews are important because it will add social proof and get more people to do business with you. In fact, this study showed that 85 percent of consumers trusted online reviews as if they were personal recommendations. The same study also states that 68 percent of consumers will read reviews if asked. What’s surprising is that only 74 percent of them are asked for a review.

Final Thoughts

These Facebook page strategies are perfect for local businesses that are new to the platform. While these strategies will help you boost your marketing and selling power on Facebook, it’s really the tip of the iceberg. There are many other Facebook marketing strategies that local businesses can use to grow their business. That’s why it’s important that you invest a lot of time in learning how to utilize all of Facebook features and capabilities.

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Jennifer’s love for digital marketing started at a young age while managing blogs and social profiles for her family’s businesses. Since 2013 she has been working in the space professionally and holds a degree in marketing from the University of Maryland. One of her greatest pleasures is seeing our fulfillment team execute the strategies she outlines, and seeing the finished product.